Mini Lotus

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La flor de loto es un ejemplo perfecto de cómo una semilla (nosotros) puede alcanzar la luz en los lugares oscuros y fangosos y abrirse con luz y belleza como viniendo de los cielos. Por lo tanto, se ha utilizado como símbolo principal de la iluminación y el despertar durante siglos en muchas culturas.

In Buddhism the lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean. The lotus flower has grown out of the dark, muddy water of materialism to open it’s petals to the sunshine of enlightenment. This symbol represents the journey out of darkness and into transformation. It is also a sign of the importance of detachment, as water droplets slide easily off the pedals. Therefore in common with Egyptian mythology the lotus is seen as a sign of rebirth, but additionally it is associated with purity. The breaking of the surface every morning is also suggestive of desire, this leads to it being associated with spiritual enlightenment.