Flaska Bottle Spiritual Emoto - 0.75L

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This bottle was born from the cooperation between Flaska and Dr. Masaru Emoto's laboratory in Japan. The water crystal design etched into the cork sleeve was created after Dr. Masaru Emoto exposed the water to the positive effect of the words “Love & Gratitude”.

With the purchase of this bottle, Flaska donates part of the proceeds to the publication of the book ‘The Water Message’ for children of the ‘Emoto Peace Project’.

How does the Flaska bottle structure the water?

The glass is programmed using TPS (Silica Programming Technology) with different information transmission methods. With this treatment, the vibrational structure of the water changes and is similar to spring water.

  • Capacity: 0.75 L.
  • Bottle programmed for structured water.
  • Respectful of your health and the environment.

Flaska is a project that was born in Slovenia. We love them because after 9 years they remain true to their values ​​and purpose of promoting a healthy and sustainable life.


  • Made with Italian glass.
  • Natural cork fabric cover.
  • Double stopper (1x natural cork + 1x synthetic cork)