Inca Originals Incense (4 sticks)

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This mixture represents the Brazilian aromatic richness, they are unique formulas of Inca Aromas.

Incense pack: Breu Blanco (pistachio*), Pitanga (seville red*), Priprioca (beige) and 7 Herbs (moss green*).
* Base formula (charcoal, Inca vegetable compound, frankincense and coarse salt).

Why are Inca Aromas incenses therapeutic? Because they are following the ancestral Amazonian tradition. The Breu Blanco resin is present as a basic component in the formulation of these incenses, together with the Frankincense resin, the black charcoal and the coarse salt. This gives it a medicinal and energetic character. The resin used for these incenses is used in traditional Brazilian medicine as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, healing, stimulant, expectorant in airway obstructions, bronchitis, cough and headache. Its aroma helps concentration, and physical and energetic cleansing.

How to light the incense? Bring the fire to the incense tip for 30 sec. until the flame is lit. Leave the flame burning until the entire tip of the incense is covered by the ember. Move the incense in circles or blow to put out the flame and boost the embers. Finally, leave the incense in a ceramic censer or bowl (avoid wooden censers). Each wand lasts for 2 hours.

Base formula (charcoal, Inca vegetable compound, frankincense and coarse salt), myrrh (resin), frankincense, storach, liana, cabreuva, white breu and concentrated aromatic oil of myrrh.