Indiaveda Copper Tongue Scraper

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Perfect Oral Cleaning

· Eliminates bacteria and toxins from the tongue and prevents the reabsorption of toxins in the system
· Stimulates vital organs and digestion
· Promote healthy elimination
· Helps prevent bad breath
· Made in India by traditional craftsmen
· 100% natural copper

What are the benefits of using the Copper Tongue Scraper?
The amount of white layer accumulated on your tongue is a reflection of the amount of ama or toxins in your body. Cleaning your tongue in the morning before brushing your teeth is a traditional practice of yoga and ayurveda, before eating any food or drink. The surface of the tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria capable of causing tooth and gum infections that are often responsible for bad breath, cleaning your tongue with the copper scraper is the most effective way to kill these bacteria. . Also, scraping your tongue in the morning sends reflex messages to all the internal organs of your body, stimulating the digestive fire, helping to better assimilate food from the start of the day.

How to use the Copper Tongue Scraper?
Scrape your tongue every day after brushing your teeth and before eating any food or drink. Scrape from the base of the tongue forward about 7 times or until you see that no more debris is removed.

100% Natural Copper