Dreamt and raised in Barcelona, we are a yoga-inspired activewear brand, founded with a meaningful purpose:

To discover and embrace your inner self.


Shambhala Barcelona has born on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, in the beautiful city of Barcelona in 2015.

We are a team of Yoga lovers who aim to promote a healthy, active & conscious life-style. For that reason, our ideas have been inspired by conscious explorers who care about their inner & outer natures and put into a clothing line, made especially for the city-dwelling yogi.


As a conscious and environment-friendly brand, we are inspiring people to get active by bringing stylish and functional activewear clothes as well as enhancing Yoga and body activity as a way to personal development.


  • • We accept with grace the challenge of life.
  • • We stand for joy in a continuously exploration.
  • • We listen to our guts and emotions as a route to our destiny.
  • • We cherish freedom and we embrace free souls.
  • • We celebrate wonder, natural beauty and positivism.
  • • We move honestly into our beliefs.
  • • We imagine a tremendous power to change by doing it together.
  • • We believe there is no end for self-fulfillment.
  • • We trust our body as the expression to new discoveries.
  • • We look at the universe in a collective perspective and care about it in that direction.
  • • We are Shambhala


Shambhala is a mythical place in the “mythical place hidden in the Himalayas”. In Sanskrit, Shambhala means a “place of peace” or a “place of silence”. Not only is it a “physical place” but also a state of “enlightenment” where only individuals with the appropriate Karma can reach and experience it.


We are devoted to be aware of every step we make, and we are willing to evolve and seek to experience with joy an authentic, health and active fulfilling life.

“I wish to live a life that causes my soul to dance inside my body.”
Dele Olanubi