The 'Unity' Collection is the first collection of Shambhala Barcelona that contains unisex and one size products. This new Shambhala collection consists of men's and women's pants, both made with the same flowing fall sizing and finished with pockets. Also a unisex and one size baggy pants along with two women's sweaters, one with a bat sleeve and the other with a bare back. Each product can be found in three colors: black, white and stone gray. It emphasizes the extremely soft touch that brings a sensation of comfort and maximum mobility for the practice of yoga. 'Unity' is designed to cross the barriers between yoga studio and street.Its design and comfort make it a 'must', both for practice and for a more 'streetstyle' and 'cozy' look.

The 'Unity' is a reflection of the evolution that Shambhala Barcelona feels the community is experiencing, the transition from the third to the fifth dimension. From duality to unity, and with it the real integration of concepts such as inclusiveness and equality.