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The Project

To build the biggest non-profit child oncological cancer center in Europe. The center will be dedicated to the treatment and investigation of childhood cancer. Their goal is to reach 30,000,000 Euro all together.

The truth is for every 1 child with a case of cancer there are 200 adults with cancer cases. Therefore, very little research has been dedicated to children with cancer.



  • Treat more cases that don’t have a cure today
  • Improve the treatment of those that do
  • Reduce the emotional impact on children and families
  • Train professionals and cooperate with hospitals in developing countries

It will be a center at the service for all the children of the world. Made with everyone’s courage. <3



The project is an initiative of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital with the Leo Messi Private Foundation, FC Barcelona Foundation and IESE as promoting entities.

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Let’s help them reach their goal. Be Brave. They need your courage.